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We find your employees!

Your benefit of temporary work.

Calculable hourly rates

You can calculate clearly through fixed & calculable hourly rates.

Additional capacities

Receive additional personnel resources in an uncomplicated manner
without fixed costs.


The combination of permanent and temporary staff is effective, performance-enhancing and cost-effective.

No employer risk

We assume the continued payment of remuneration in the event of illness, vacation or on public holidays.

Why temporary work?

Temporary employment offers you the opportunity to establish a modern, flexible and demand-oriented personnel organisation.

In addition, it enables you to accept projects and large orders immediately and to implement them on schedule. You can tackle order peaks without overworking your core workforce and get to know potential employees at work without having to hire them immediately. See the work of a potential new employee first.

We will find you the right personnel in the regions around Brake, Güstrow and Wilhelmshaven.

Qualified and motivated temporary workers

We leave our conscientiously selected personnel to you.


Balance out seasonal, holiday or disease-related bottlenecks.


Take the strain off your core workforce and benefit from short-term orders.


Benefit from the knowledge of our temporary employees.

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Our goal

The placement of personnel is a contemporary form of professional guidance in the search and selection of personnel.

It is important to us that not only one side benefits from the placement. Both companies and specialists should come to us with a good feeling. We rely on the trust and satisfaction of both sides of the labour market. We achieve this by taking a closer look at the placement process.

Professionalism, confidentiality and at the same time a high degree of transparency lead to an accurate filling of vacant positions.